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Human Capital Management (HCM) Release 4 is now live. Please see the resources and updates listed below. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our systems.


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HCM Post Go-Live Critical Issue Log

Current as of May 11, 2018

ID Priority Issue Description/Notes Status
001 1 Benefits Service Date Conversion,
Conversion Issues HCM & SIS
Original design was to not bring this forward. Decision on 1/17 to bring forward and remove manually as  service audits performed. Complete
002 1 Onboarding Tile Fix New vs Additional Job No SIT or UAT defects. Triggers inactivated post go-live at request of Maricopa. Maricopa did not train end users to manually instantiate onboarding. New CEMLI requested to modify trigger business rules. FDD created and passed to Maricopa for resolution.

4/9 - FDD approved. Transition item to Maricopa for resolution.
Maricopa Testing
003 1 Position Management Workflow/Routings Issues [SIT] all issues closed
[UAT] all issues closed by 2/1
[PROD] usability and workflow issues identified

1) Fix workflow display in component
2) Change default reason
004 1 Job Expected End Dates Not moved,
Conversion Issues HCM & SIS
No SIT or UAT defects. Identified post go-live. The field was not previously used in the same manner as R4.

2/23 - all but 140 completed. HRIS researching and will complete manually
005 3 Dropped Vacant Positions Vacant positions had not been allocated by C&C and could not be converted. Spreadsheet received on 2/21 did not contain enough information to create the positions. Additional research is required to identify required information. Requirements
006 1 Direct Deposit Conversion Fix,
Conversion Issues HCM & SIS
Terminated jobs did not have direct deposit elections brought forward. Some of those jobs were reactivated and had no elections. Complete
007 1 Earnings Detail Page Employee and Administrator page for Earnings Details.  Complete
008 2 FICA Status Program Fix [UAT 546] Issue placed in pending status on 1/25/2018 waiting for confirmation to continue or drop.
2/26 Carl confirmed must keep for a few more months. Program is tested and in production.

3/7 - Retrofit causing abend in production. Oracle will fix retrofit issue. New requirements received on 2/1 will not be addressed by Oracle.
In Progress
009 1 Check Reconciliation Process [UAT 563] Identified on 1/29/2018 during extended UAT. Officially dropped during CEMLI review. Old CEMLI retrofitted on 1/30/2018. Maricopa advised replace old CEMLI with delivered PAY015* and defer to post go-live on 1/30/2018. Final decision to proceed with PAY015* received 2/21.

02/26 - email sent to PMO asking for priority. confirmed keep original CEMLI. Code migrated to T4J and R2J for Maricopa testing with email advising ready for test.

3/8 - Maricopa advises that testing cannot be completed until MOD134 is retrofit. This was officially dropped until 3/8. Maricopa will need to retrofit MOD134. Mariciopa will take this item since it cannot be completed without the companion CEMLI.
010 1 Adjunct/Nursing/Overload Calculations Due to late development of SIS interface, the rule development was delayed. The rule created works 100% of the time, but the delivered TL Load to Payroll was not passing the amount.

3/12 - Change approved. Implement after payroll confirm on 3/13.

3/28 - Fix backed out of production. Reopening and assigning to Maricopa for resolution - Oracle resource has already rolled off.

4/11 - fixed the code and is awaiting integrated testing with SIS
Maricopa Testing
011 1 Overtime Request and Deny Issue There is no deny option on the Overtime Request.
[UAT 562] Identified on 1/29/2018 during extended UAT. Waiting on GSC for working patch.

3/2/2018 RFC created to move to RMCP2J for Maricopa testing. Applied on 3/5.

3/12 - Changes approved. Two migration components 1) create/execute RFC, 2) update a configuration.
012 1 Blended Overtime Rule Needs to be Created Due to late development of SIS interface the rule development was delayed.
[UAT 516] Pushed to post go-live on 1/22/2018

3/12 - item failing on some employees. Need to modify rule to include punch time employees.

3/28 - Fix appears to not be working in production. Reopening and assigning to Maricopa for resolution - Oracle resource has already rolled off.

4/11 - Configuration change approved to move to production - outside of tracking
013 3 Shift Differentials Rules Not Always Working  [UAT 570] Identified 2/4/2018 during cutover. Maricopa still identifying what changes are needed.

[UAT 569] Identified 2/4/2018 during cutover. Maricopa still identifying what changes are needed.
014 1 Approved Time Does Not Always Approve No SIT or UAT Issue, identified in Production on 2/5 SR 3-16827705451 opened. Patch received and applied but did not resolve issue. SR updated - waiting on feedback.

3/2/2018 RFC created to move to RMCP2J for Maricopa testing. Applied on 3/5

3/6 Issues encountered with patch. working with GSC for resolution.
015 1 User Field 2 Data Issues The SIS interface was adding a space to the beginning of the field. This has been corrected and is ready for testing.

2/26 - fix moved into production

3/12 - testing approved. No additional production migration required.
016 3 User Field Label Changes to Help Users This was never a requirement. However, this is a usability issue. Not Started
017 1 Job Offer Approval Workflow Routing Issues [UAT 536] Identified 1/19/2018. Opened SR and received patch. Applied, tested, and moved to production. Complete
018 1 External Jobs Portal Issues Applicants are encountering issues with job portal.
1) Getting not authorized errors. RCA: incorrect role assigned to applicants and employees.
2) Icons available that shouldn't be. RCA: no override style sheet set up.

2/??/2018 provided correct security to Maricopa to implement. Implemented on 2/??/2018.

2/28/2018 Stylesheet and component updated in RMCP2J and ready for Maricopa testing.

03/06 FDD created, awaiting updated TDD for turnover.
019 2 Hiring Manager Role Analysis/Security Issues Security was provided to Maricopa. Maricopa did not implement as provided by Oracle and did not consult Oracle on changes. Aleks has performed analysis of security and provided suggested changes. In Progress
020 3 Absence Management Analytics Tile [UAT 501] Identified on 1/11/2018 and deferred to post go-live on 1/12/2018 confirmed by HRIS on 1/17/2018. Not Started
021 1 Sick Pay 9 Month Hold [UAT 351] Identified on 11/30/2017 with new requirements. Deferred testing to UAT cycle. FDD (AB0008) created on 12/14/2017. Development completed 1/2/2018. Kevin was unable to test due to other tasks, Maricopa refused to test without Kevin testing first. Testing deferred to post go-live since Maricopa indicated it was not needed until March. Testing deferred to post go-live on 1/22/2018. Complete
022 2 Benefits Premium Report Supplemental Life [SIT 255] Report approved on 11/28/2017.
[UAT 484] Identified on 1/6/2018 specifically for STD and Aetna plans. Requirements obtained and FDD created 1/8/2018. Development completed 1/10/2018. New requirements received 1/20 with FDD updated 1/23 except for Plan Type 21 due to complexity. HRIS accepted changes and deferment of Plan Type 21 changes to post go-live on 1/30/2018.
In Progress
023 ? Row Level Security   Not Started
024 ? Query Access Tree Does this need to be a project to rewrite Query Access Tree? Not Started
025 1 Bring Forward Query List   Complete
026 3 Delegation Issues [UAT 385] Deferred to post go-live for testing of Manager-Employee delegation for absence transactions. Not Started
027 1 CIMS Duplicate ID Issue - Close to half of all new employees entered into HCM are failing to be matched up with their existing SIS users so duplicate SIS users are created. They have the same names, SSN's, and birth dates. Provisioning processes are catching that this is the same user, which results in a single HCM record is joined to multiple SIS users. System is functioning as designed and implemented. HR Users are not following business process to verify search/match which can cause duplicate IDs to be created. Complete
028 1 CIMS View access - Select on SYSADM.PS_MC_COLG_DATA_VW added to the role for  MC_ROLE_CIMS   Complete
029 1 Encumbrance Definitions Encumbrance requirements were not provided by Maricopa until 1/24/2018 with additional clarifications provided on 2/1/2018.

3/1 - additional amount in salary matrix is not working as expected. SR opened to identify issue.
3/7 - potential resolution from GSC, testing in progress
Maricopa is setting this up in Production
Prod Migration
030 1 Work Study Department Budget Table Approach to funding changed and confirmed the week of 1/23/2018. Work study positions are identified, but match/funding has not been provided/confirmed by Maricopa.

3/27 - changing target date. Waiting for feedback on approach from Maricopa. Convo w/Steve G 3/26, email F/U 3/27. Kim wants to use manual update route rather than SQL. I will prepare documentation to handover on 3/28

3/28 workbook containing instructions and data provided for review.
031 1 Commitment Accounting Queries  [UAT 572] Identified 2/4/2018 during cutover. Queries missing some are duplicate of UAT 554. Some are Private queries using dropped records with no new requirements as per UAT 554. In Progress
032 1 Leave Liability Report Not Completed [UAT 451] Carl decreased severity and assigned post go-live because the report is not needed until 7/1/2018. Maricopa Testing
033 3 Grants Queries Need to be Completed [UAT 554] Identified on 1/26/2018 during extended UAT. Private Queries used dropped records. No new requirements have been received. Additionally, private queries were outside the scope of project retrofit. Requirements
034 3 Treasury Queries need to be Completed [UAT 554] Identified on 1/26/2018 during extended UAT. Private Queries used dropped records. No new requirements have been received. Additionally, private queries were outside the scope of project retrofit. Requirements
035 1 Pay Interface (SR1018) Issues   Complete
036 1 We either need a way to run the SIS to HCM inteface for payroll in report only  mode. We need it to check for unique constraints errors so we can fix them and we need it to send the information to the colleges so they feel some sense of comfort that the right people will get paid This was a new requirement added post go-live. Maricopa Testing
037 1 Update MSoC & FTW for Auto Approved Txns   Complete
038 1 The SR team desperately needs an admin function so we can go deny or approve assignments when the college users have issues. A security role was not provisioned to the ITS SIS team during cutover. Complete
039 1 The Component Interface for moving approved instructors back to the class scheduling component is not working for all instructors.
When pay workload is decreased in the new component, it doesn’t feedback to the scheduling component
The same Component Interface created duplicate rows for some instructors on the class scheduling component, which throws an error prohibiting any other sections of that course from being updated. This causes large issues for Rio, primarily but does affect others, too.
2/26 - Migrated to production
3/5 - solution discussed with Maricopa SR team pending documentation
040 1 Service adjunct - we cannot add multiple rows for some service adjuncts. 3/2 - Clarification: selected EMPL_RCD doesn't "stick" when assignment is saved.
3/5 - Unable to replicate. Requested detailed replication information from Maricopa
041 1 Install UPK Developer on TTS Machines Oracle walked TTS users through installation of UPK Developer on their machines. Complete
042 1 Additional Pay Form   Complete
043 1 One Time Pay Form 2/26 - Basic form activated in Production. CI to PSHUP not active.  Complete
044   Retro Pay Request Removed by Maricopa. Merged with One Time Pay form. Removed
045 1 In Range Salary Exception Form 3/7 - confirmed in production and ok by Ali Complete
046 1 Off Cycle Check Request Form - EE version   Complete
047 1 Off Cycle Check Request Form - HR version   Complete
048 1 Classified Professional Growth Form   Complete
049 1 Compassionate Leave Form Maricopa Business declined to approve and use forms. Forms were migrated to production and left inactive. Business has now decided to move forward with the forms. Complete
050 1 Employee FMLA Form Maricopa Business declined to approve and use forms. Forms were migrated to production and left inactive. Business has now decided to move forward with the forms. Complete
051 1 Family FMLA Form Maricopa Business declined to approve and use forms. Forms were migrated to production and left inactive. Business has now decided to move forward with the forms. Complete
052 1 Parent FMLA Form Maricopa Business declined to approve and use forms. Forms were migrated to production and left inactive. Business has now decided to move forward with the forms. Complete
053 3 Job Confirmation Template Identified on 2/21 as a needed form. Not Started
054   Search Plan Identified on 2/21 as a needed form. Cannot be accommodated in delivered Forms functionality. Removed
055 1 Paycheck Primer Document   Complete
056 1 My Paycheck Review Document   Complete
057 1 Rio Adjunct Calculation Document   Maricopa Testing
058 3 Complete 131 UPKs UPK modules were developed based on click-by-clicks reviewed and approved by Maricopa. Maricopa resources did not add business rules and deep explanation to the click-by-click documents. Training materials appear to be Maricopa's responsibility contractually. Complete
059 1 We need the pathway to move to a single empild, even if some people have the HCM emplid and some have the SIS emplid. 3/2 - Meeting to review was cancelled due to urgent issues. Will be rescheduled week of 3/5. Complete
060 1 Dynamic Role Approach 3/13 - peer review Complete
061 3 ASRSNLG No open SIT or UAT issues. New issue identified 2/27/2018. Maricopa Testing
062 3 MAT Administrative Leave Identified and sample form provided 2/22 by Almetra Walker. Not Started
063 3 Military Leave Identified and sample form provided 2/22 by Almetra Walker. Not Started
064 3 Personal Leave Identified and sample form provided 2/22 by Almetra Walker. Not Started
065 1 Primary conversion issue - Old jobs not converted to new jobs or addl pay 3/1 Partner to perform line by line comparison between old HCM and new HCM to ensure all previously paying jobs are paying in new system.

3/5 Identified several reports-to positions that do not exist in HCM. Researching the correct position number.

3/6 Missing reports-to position corrections provided to Steve.

3/8 Analysis for missing jobs, contract pay, addl pay is complete. Turned over to HRIS for some additional research and creation of data as required.

3/27 - EMC positions on 3/29, No update on RIO positions, Contract issues pending GSC SR
In Progress
066 2 MetLife data incorrect    Maricopa Testing
067 3 Code Tree Validation   Complete
068 1 CIMS MEID Provisioning - College HR staff are creating HelpDesk tickets saying that no MEID is available after a new employee has been entered. CIMS provisioning logging shows that the MEID's are being created and exported back to HCM in a timely manner. Tickets like 1793022 and 1793127 suggest that an HCM admin needed to intervene and run a CIMS full batch to catch up the data on the HCM side. The CIMS Process was not scheduled to run periodically as designed.  Complete
069 3 Recruiting security access for employees, recruiting managers, and recruiters needs to be re-verified based on the functionality being deployed. Security was provided to Maricopa. Maricopa did not implement as provided by Oracle and did not consult Oracle on changes. Aleks has performed analysis of security and provided suggested changes. in Progress
070 3 All Workflow email links that are being used need to be tested to ensure proper access Maricopa did not test workflow email during SIT or UAT.  Notifications still need to be fixed to let recruiters know status Maricopa Testing
071 1 Contract Pay Process Show Statements Needed This is a delivered process. Adding show statements is a modification that was never a requirement provided by Maricopa. DEBUG statements do exist in the delivered process and the process just has to be run appropriately to display them. Complete
072 3 Validate employee termination policy to ensure access is being removed as per guidelines Old CEMLI was dropped in favor of dynamic roles, but Maricopa chose not to implement dynamic roles opting to manually manage. Not Started
073 1 Federal Work Study - the summary page in HCM is not correct, therefore we have no way of validating that the SIS process will pull over the correct information. HCM FWS page is not displaying earnings correctly. Retrofitted CEMLI (HR0008) is looking for specific account codes but late change to accounting was not wrapped in. Need to adjust CEMLI to use job codes rather than accounting

3/5 - Oracle testing
3/6 - turned over to Maricopa for testing
074 1 There are buffer errors on the Instructor Assignment page for some instructors 2/28 - RCA underway
3/4 - One cause identified. Meeting scheduled for 3/5 to gather information and replication

3/5 - Maricopa SR team has reached out to GCC for replication information
3/13 - Successfully replicated the issue. Working on fix
075 1 Issues with assignments being stuck in pending status. We try to submit them for approval and then end up stuck in pending status.  We have no idea why or how to troubleshoot. (AWE) 1) SR Team did not have correct security to the AWE process definition. Instructed how to troubleshoot.
2) Level 2 role name in configuration and security mismatched.

3/6  authorized closure of item.
076 1 There are situations where the submission process creates a loop and assignments cannot be submitted for approval at all. 2/28 - Unable to replicate in T5J.
3/2 - fix for "approval process already running" is released to Maricopa for migration to production.
3/4 - One instance identified. Meeting scheduled for 3/5 to gather information and replication for other reports.

3/9 per Julie email, part 1 fix in production, no part 2, ok to close.
077 1 Designated people are not always able to see the assignments they need to approve, resulting in people not being paid (AWE) 1) Level 2 role name in configuration and security mismatched.
2) Level 1 manager ID was missing on some Academic Orgs.
078 1 Messaging to Level 1 approvers isn't working at all. (AWE) Expect to turn over to Maricopa 03/01.
3/2 - turned over to Maricopa for review in TMCP5J
3/6 - approved to migrate to prod
3/7 - provided migration documentation for RFC creation
079 1 Rolling of instructors for future terms isn't working   Complete
080 3 Lack of training materials, meaning specific instructions for how and when to end an assignment, how and when to delete, when to change dates, etc. is needed to ensure people are paid correctly.   Not Started
081 1 Clock instructors and Service Faculty business process has not clearly been identified.   Complete
082 2 We need a crosswalk for Dept ID to academic org or academic subject. When we add new orgs, we have no way of knowing what depts to add Scope has changed to creating a crosswalk between Dept. Code and Prefix. In Progress
083 1 As a result of R4 changes, the SIS security removal process does not work 3/5 Will reach out to Janice to determine issues with I-017. Signed off in UAT as working.

3/7 Janice approve to migrate to prod. Migration document provided. Pending Maricopa to create RFC.
084 3 The garnishment voucher build process fails in FMS. The project team says it's MCCCD's problem.
HDT 1793032 was opened on this 2/16/18.
Need to open an SR with Product Support.
No SIT or UAT defect. Only encountered in production. Found document referencing issue in Oracle Support. HDT created to apply but hasn't been applied yet. If happens this pay period an SR needs to be created to Oracle Support for product assistance. Not Started
085 3 The documentation on the Google drive needs organization - FDD & TDD documents are under different folders.   Need to move documents from Google drive to permanent location In Progress
086 1 Completed FDD & TDD's FDDs have been reviewed with the CHRISP team and and business owners. TDDs have been reviewed during Knowledge Sharing. Complete
087 1 Core System Config Changes (SETID/BU/Dept/etc.) MC-040 Configuration Guides were developed and walked through previously. The documents are located on the Google Drive. Complete
088 1 Work Flow Setups Knowledge Transfer completed on Elastic Search. Power Point was distributed to attendees and placed on the Google Drive. Complete
089 1 Integration Broker Configuration Spreadsheet for IB configurations is located on Google Drive by Raghu (Maricopa) and was used during cutover. Complete
090 1 Elastic Search Configuration Knowledge Transfer completed on Elastic Search. Power Point was distributed to attendees and placed on the Google Drive. Complete
091 3 Knowledge Transfer sessions not meeting MCCCD and OFS needs. This should have been identified immediately after any Knowledge Transfer session that did not convey the appropriate information. Complete
092   ASRSELG What is the issue? No previous report to Oracle. Removed
093 1 JobCode Table not uploaded twice Oracle understood that Maricopa direction was for the Classification and Compensation team to own all corrections to the JobCode table and that the activity had been completed as of 2/20/2018. Complete
094 1 Position Added for Faculty creating duplicate rows Updates for the Salary Plan for 9-month faculty were not provided to Oracle. Therefore when updating a position and flowing to incumbents, the system will automatically add an additional compensation row. UAT functioned in the same way.

3/6 email to Maricopa with suggested resolutions

3/10 - Maricopa provided approval to work towards implementation. Oracle will prepare appropriate scripts to update data, Maricopa Class & Comp, Strategic Staffing, & HRIS will review and test.
095 1 Job Data values issue (Conversion) Maricopa Classification and Compensation is comparing the JobCode table with position and job data to identify if any field values are incorrect based on the missed JobCode table updates. No corrective action request has been made to Oracle as of 2/28/2018. Complete
096 1 SIS/HCM Integration performance 3/7 - notified ready for Maricopa testing Complete
097 1 SIS/HCM Integration data not coming over 3/7 - notified ready for Maricopa testing Complete
098 1 Comp Time conversion not allowing balance to be taken   Complete
099 1 Absence Conversion issue Some Ees missing absence conversion rows.

4/11 - script development underway.
4/23 - transition to Maricopa ownership due to Maricopa not making resource available for assistance.
Maricopa Testing
100 3 Component Lockdown Configured This was not included in SIT or UAT. Not Started
101 3 Final Check Configured This was part of the original design but was not included in SIT or UAT. Not Started
102 2 Post go live issue STD HRS <.01 1) Payroll audit reports identify all employees with jobs less than 1 FTE

3/10 - confirmed the item is related to PAY034. Assigning this to Maricopa for implementation
103 2 Temp Guidelines Hrly Rates and Job Codes - Need Rollover for July 1st The Guidelines for Temporary Jobs and Additional Earnings document is owned and maintained by Maricopa.  In Progress
104 1 Distinguish Internal/External applicants   In Progress
105 1 Project Costing - incorrect configuration   Complete
106 1 ** Oracle Tech Team relocated to ITS to work with Technical Support Teams   Complete
107 1 **  Two Successful payroll with minimal manual intervention   In Progress
108 1 Offer Letter - Faculty New requirement identified 2/28/2018 Complete
109 1 SR1015/SR1018 FDD Issues   In Progress
110 1 Position Management CEMLI Allows positions to be created with blank Reports-To 4/2 - Maricopa has tested successfully. However, this item cannot be moved independently of 003. Complete
111 1 Unable to complete Manage Hires process New HDT need RCA. RCA
112 1 Non Credit Assignments not paying from SIS   Complete
113 1 Approach to reconcile faculty pay for paid assignments at the end of the semester Create an approach document to lay out the foundation for reconciling paid faculty assignments at the end of the semester to ensure no over/under payments exist due to the switch from contract pay to unit pay. Complete
114 1 IB Issues [1,2,3,4] Location and Establishment sync not working SR 3-15739492711 identified HR bundles which need to be applied to SIS for these integrations to function. Maricopa chose not to apply the bundles, therefore there is no way to activate the services. Maricopa needs to apply the bundles in order to keep the data in sync as designed.

4/2 Per Raghu, the issue will remain unresolved unless Maricopa applies the required HR bundles to SIS. Workaround,  manually add in HCM when one is added to SIS
115 1 IB Issue 8 Department sync not active   Complete
116 1 IB Issue 10 Person Basic Sync occasionally encountering error. CEMLI SR1017 created custom subscription transformation to handle the discrepancies between HCM and SIS usage. This issue occurs when preferred flags are being changed. A change to the transformation will need to prevent preferred flags from being changed to the HCM values.

4/2 - SR Team will not test until after refresh of SIS environment on Apr 10.
117 1 IB Issue 11 Job Code Sync failing   Complete
118   FICA Status Program New Requirements - duplicate to # 8 New requirements identified 2/1/2018. Removed
119 1 Correct 5 Commitment Accounting Queries delivered   Complete
120 1 Approving multiple assignments causes performance and stability issues 3/14 dissatisfied with the RCA. She believes that the design is flawed or implemented poorly. Oracle will reviewed the RCA again to ensure nothing was missed during original analysis. Oracle will review the end-to-end but will only modify R4 codeline if necessary. Changes to design will not be made.

3/23 Oracle will analyze component interface flows and document any suggestions. 
121 1 Instructor Assignments not following Set Criteria   Complete
122 1 Assignment Page Negative Work Hours Error 3/26 - prod migration per Vicki's email Complete
123 2 Removal of inaccurate vacation accruals from 6 employees HDT 1792810, HDT 1793655
1 - OYO employees getting Vacation accruals - they were processed in the PG NFC S12 paygroup and received vacation accruals. But when I looked in Job Data, they were in the PG NFO E12 paygroup. This have been fixed, but PPE 2/9/18 has vacation accruals, I need these accruals removed. They should have never received them. This is causing much confusion at the employee level. HDT 1792810 - employee's listed: 15051954, 15072827, 15073276, 15002298, 15063342
HDT 1793655 - employee listed: 15063920
124 2 Absence AWE supervisor routing 2 - Absence AWE - the delivered process is having any absence events entered routed to the "primary" job Reports To. I need them to go to current job reports to. This has been worked on since the beginning of January, there was a fix put in Monday, 2/26, but was causing more errors, so we reverted back to the delivered. It is still not working, nor going to the correct manager. RCA
125 2 Absence Approval - Manager Entries 3 -  Absence approvals: when a manager reports an absence event, it is being routed to their supervisor for approval. This should be auto approved. This was a requirement and asked for with the beginning of UAT. There is a testing issue on this.

NOTE: There was no open or deferred UAT issue at the time of UAT closure.
126 2 Sick accruals granting personal time 4 - PG PT SICK paygroup was set up with Prop 206 requirements. With year-end processing, I realized that they are getting personal accruals (matching their sick accruals). Currently, in prod, the sick was removed, but the accruals are still showing on the employee's paycheck and we need this fixed for the next year when we process year-end, so they don't get personal accruals. I am guessing that this was not tested with the original Prop 206 additions, but it is needed. RCA
127 2 Sick Accrual payout issue for one employee 5 - Sick accruals payout - should have paid out: Employee 15044254 is a voluntary term with less than 10yrs of service. Sick payout requirements are Retired with 10yrs or more of service and Deceased. I need this fixed so that it doesn't happen to other employees. RCA
128 2 EH TRC issue 6 - Employees with paygroup PG NFC S12, possibly others - employee 15015597 is getting EH TRC's and they should be salaried. The EH codes are overpaying them, because they 'add to gross'. The salaried TRC's reduce the salary and pay the absence. This is not working. I received a list to work from for the first couple pay periods, but I will need a query or this fixed for the next pay period, so they aren't overpaid.  RCA
129 2 Vacation Accruals years of service issue 7 - Years of Service - effected vacation accruals: Due to the years of service being incorrect with go-live the absence vacation accruals were accrued at a higher rate. When the fix to the dates were done, absence processed their vacation correctly the next pay period, but it did not retro back and fix PPE 1/27 - 2/9 - I need their vacation balances fixed ASAP. HDT 1792823: Employee effected 15039038, 15050433 RCA
130 2 Absence workflow notifications - HDT # 1793978 8 - Sick/Sick Family/Personal Absence event emails - the submitted approved event is not emailing the supervisor. The supervisor would like an email confirmation that the employee entered an event. This was fine in 'old' prod and with the new release, I was not aware that this changed. We would like this back, so emails are being sent. HDT 1792555 & HDT 1792957 Maricopa Testing
131 1 Fluid Forms List Shows Maximum 11 forms The fluid My Forms componenet only shows up to 11 forms when a user is creating a form. Maricopa has more than 11 forms. SR 3-16963943851 was created with Support and a POC has been provided. Complete
132 1 SR1018 Not creating error report/log as specified in FDD 4/2 - Maricopa has chosen not to proceed with this fix. Code will be exported and program backported from production.  Complete
133 1 Assignment Page for Classified Core will now allow update of pay workload 3/26 - prod migration per Vicki's email Complete
134 1 Assignment Page related displays not honoring effective dates of source data 3/26 - prod migration per Vicki's email Complete
135 1 Course Roll is updating approved assignments without regard to auto calc checkbox   Complete
136 1 ELC Course Load to HCM The Course load from ELC to HCM was not tested and moved into production. Approved to add by KK. Complete
137 1 Instructor Assignment Effective Date Issue Effective date of Inst/Adv Table not being taken into account

3/26 - prod migration per Vicki's email
138 1 Approved Assignments not updating MSoC 3/26 - prod migration per Vicki's email Complete
139 1 CIMS Consume Failing due to data error   Maricopa Testing
140 1 Instructor Assignment page is exceeding 100% FTE   Complete
141 1 Change External Search Match Import in HCM   Complete
142 1 In-Range Salary Progression form using incorrect user list 3/23 - process using role-based user list rather than role-query with route control user list Maricopa Testing
143 2 Instructor Assignment approvals can't be seen by Dept Chair ? Not Started
144 1 Assignment Type default not working for job code 4309   Complete
145 1 Approving Time shows shadow images Item split from 014.
SR 3-17020064071 - Sev 1, working by Kevin Koesters
146 1 Employment Verification Totals are off 4/7 - page is functioning as per FDD. Only ASRS special accumulator is being reported. In Progress
147 1 Unable to create Form W2c HDT 1797569
Receiving error that no data is found for employee for existing W2 for 2017 for an employee.

4/16-Oracle Provided script for populating historical data to main-line tables.
148 1 Instructor Assignment Effective Dating Fix New fix for effective dating on the Instructor Assignment component Complete
149 2 Residential Service instruction assignments No facility for assigning and limiting residential service instructional assignments is available
Waiting for clarification from AVC AA
Not Started
150 1 Pay details page does not match pay stub HDT 1797702 Maricopa Testing
151 1 SMTP Error when terming and manage hires HDT 1799318 Complete
152 2 General Deduction Data HDT 1796025 from 3/9/18 Not Started
153 1 Form I-9 issues Before Release 4 the I-9 information was stored on the Personal Data regional tab via a check box e-verify which was a customization.  After Release 4 - there is an electronic version of the I-9 form on Employee Self Service - personal details tab the at the bottom of the screen. Action Items - test and verify the electronic I-9 form, develop training materials, communicate instructions, start using the electronic I-9 form.  There are several I-9 queries that were developed to provide the historical I-9 information.  I-9 information collected via paper forms since cutover shutdown will need to be maintained via paper forms.  In Progress
154 2 Change Job Offer Process in RS Change business process to create multiple process openings to create multiple job offers for the same person. Not Started
155 1 Tax Treaty Data missing HDT 1800704 Complete
156 2 Deduction Arrears not converted for terminated employees HDT 1797297 Not Started
157 1 Tuition Waiver Pages HDT # 1801284 All employees are displaying as eligible when some should be ineligible. In Progress
158 1 Data does not exist on assignment approval   In Progress
159 1 NCR/CLK Assignment interface issue Some NCR/CLK assignments do not interface correctly if there are no days selected on the meeting pattern Maricopa Testing
160 1 TL Autoenrollment Performance Kathy will run a CI Maricopa Testing
161 3 Paycheck Modeler not calculating anything for someone with Contract Pay HDT # 1801892 - Paycheck Modeler worked fine for someone with REG pay.  Screenshots in the HDT Not Started
162 2 Changes to Position Management Approval Workflow to include Strategic Staffing Configuration Changes will be made by Aleks now that the requirements have been clarified. In Progress
163 1 HDT 1802993 – Issue related to Load Calculation for Rio   In Progress
164 1 Clean up script for the orphan “approval rows” that were deleted from the assignment page (for issue related to Kyle Carothers assignments as well as what LeAnn reported this morning)
Page allowing deleting the pending rows from upper levels
  In Progress
165 2 Add a new process ran by empl id in SIS to pull data from HCM when the information appears in HCM but not in SIS.  This is important because when duplicate records are cleaned up, the sync process will not push the records to SIS.
When a person gets caught in the duplicate process, once they are fixed, they still sometimes get stuck with their jobs not getting from HCM to SIS, mainly because the original trigger that would have pushed them isn't being triggered again.
In Progress
166 1 Instructors are being removed from their assignments and it is not removing them from the class schedule.   In Progress
167 2 Display on MCCCD Class Data tab for load does not obey effective dating in the catalog   In Progress
168 2   Fix for Rio to correct past rows where it was not totally the workload when they added new rows per week.    In Progress
169 1 After removing approved assignment at assignment level and then submitting another job for approval it kicks you out of the system. When you try to change an assignment that has been approved at the assignment level, not the class level, you can remove the assignment by clicking the minus button. But, when you try to pick another job and then submit for approval, it kicks you out of the system Not Started
170 1 Audit trail updates on all classes for that person whenever changes are made. Change is made to one assignment and either saved or submitted, the audit trail updates on all classes for that person. This should happen on a class by class basis, not all or nothing. Not Started
171 1 Rewrite the approval process   In Progress
172 1 Clock hour calculation for summer needs to be different than for Fall/Spring Per the RFP, the clock hour calculation for summer is different than for Fall/Spring. This determines approval level and limits.  We need to have it recoded using the formula from the RFP, not the way it is now. Not Started